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gibo ♡ 92 ( +1 | -1 )
Who do you like for Linares? The world's top-rated player, the recently reclusive Gary Kasparov, is making a rare appearance in this year's edition of the Spanish tournament, which runs February 19-March 5. The 7-player double round robin also includes Kramnik, Shirov, Topalov, Leko, Paco Vallejo and Radjabov.

It will be interesting to see how kasparov will do. It seems that he minimises playing so as to keep the number 1 rated player position which seems his only defence in who is the world champion. Why isn't anand playing in linares this year? He has been playing very well lately. My opinion is kasparov will show his not just a politician and writer but still knows how to move these pieces around the board to take out another linares title. I also think Leko and Topalov will do well, but kramnik who is out of form, will not threaten the 3 mention players in my opinion.
myway316 ♡ 18 ( +1 | -1 )
Kasparov but only because Anand and Adams are not playing,else I would give the nod to one of them. Kramnik is out of form,so I think the only legit threat to Gary would be Leko.
mogath ♡ 127 ( +1 | -1 )
Linares I really don't think it makes a difference whether Anand or Adams play. If they did, I think Kasparov would still win. I'm not taking anything away from the other two and I think the tournament would be stronger, but I still say Kasparov wins a clear 1st over all.
Gibo mentions that Kasparov has been somewhat reclusive. Maybe he's getting ready for something? I would probably agree with the fact that Kasparov is probably guarding his No. 1 rating spot, but please remember he is NOT the World Champion anymore, Kramnik is and in my opinion, it was Kasparov who was off form for that match. We are talking about one of the greatest if the THE greatest player to ever play. I wouldn't discount him until he starts having consistently bad tournament showings. Look how long Karpov was "The Man". Then Garry beat him and he still remained the clear number 2 player in the world for some years. Now, his prime is past him and until Kasparov reaches this point, just because he has a "bad" showing at meaningless computer matches doesn't mean he's slipping. Heheh!! Not by a long shot. He's still the man to beat and if him and Kramnik ever get a chance to mix it up again, I'll take Kasparov again. It's gonna be fun watching this tournament. My two faves, Shirov and Kasparov are playing....