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jstevens1 ♡ 99 ( +1 | -1 )
Decision making and Asperger Syndrome Hi everybody on the forum.

Just to let you know, that further to my articles titled "Slump - How do I get out of it?" and Bad Draw Offers/Acceptances I have another issue to raise. My buddy has now gone through nearly all my games and I found that something emerged from this. I am having difficulty adopting and adapting the right plan/move to the situation on the board at the time. Five years ago I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (that is a mild form of autism). Two traits have emerged from this - 1, that when I get into chess it is nearly all consuming, 2, that I tend to stick to rules rather than follow guidelines. Perhaps this is why everything has been so hit and miss in my games so far.

If you know of anybody (you do not have to name names) that has this condition and is playing and struggling with chess because of it, it will be nice to know because I do not feel so alone.

I thank you all again for taking an interest in me and my articles.

Cheers and bye for now!

Joanne (jstevens1)
spurtus ♡ 26 ( +1 | -1 )
A lot of chess players have mental difficulties, but I would hesitate before blaming this on a perceived lack of progress... after all your last few games you played in a losing streak where against much higher rated opposition.
rt4sm ♡ 49 ( +1 | -1 )
Wow, your being very hard on yourself Joanne! Bear in mind you've only completed about 35 games on GK, you can't expect to see significant improvements that quickly! Some people have completed thousands of games on GK and they've shown next to nothing in improvement, that shows how hard improving permanantly is. You've gotta be patient i'm afraid!

Minor mental difficulties shouldn't hinder you, bear in mind Bobby Fischer was a loony, but he was a pretty decent player!
tim_b ♡ 38 ( +1 | -1 )
Hi Joanne,

I agree with spurtus, your alleged slump is in fact a cluster of games against strongly-rated players; I find it almost impossible to beat 1,700+ players!

I think if you had not gone from playing 1,500+ players straight to 1,700+, your rating would have steadily increased.

chessnovice ♡ 31 ( +1 | -1 )
... I think the fact that you're going over your recent lost games is a good path, too. It's better to lose to 1700 players and learn where you went wrong, than it is to just beat 1200 players and have an exaggerated sense of self worth. Don't be too down on yourself.
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